Networking Protocols Full From Name Kya Hai

Networking Protocols Full From Name

Hello friends Networking Protocols  ke bare main aaj hum baat karenge kya aap jante hai Networking Protocols ke bare main aap nahi jante ho to aaj main aapko Networking Protocols  ke bare main, Networking Protocols

 Ek network ka kaam karta hai aaj main aapko puri mahiti bataunga is Aricale me aapko ye Articale pura padhna hai aap ko pata chal jayega Networking Protocols  ke bare main To Dosto Hum log start karte hai..

Networking Protocols Include:-

FTP – File Transfer Protocol: Port 21

SSH – Secure Shell: Port 22

Telnet– Port 23

SMTP – Simple mail Transfer Protocol:Port 25

DNS – Domain Naming System: Port 53

HTTP– Hypertext Transfer Protocol : Port 80

POP3– Post Office Protocol: Port 110

IMAP– Internet Message Access Protocol:port : 143

HTTPS– HTTP Secure : Port 443

RDP –   Remote Desktop Protocol : Port 3389

TCP –   Transmission Control Protocol

UDP –  User Datagram Protocol

ARP –  Address Resolution Protocol

RARP– Revers ARP

DHCP– Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol: Server Ports 67

MTP- Media Transfert Protocol

SFTP – Secure File Transfer Protocol

SSL –   Secure Socket Layer

TLS –  Transport Layer Security

E6 –    Ethernet Globalzation Protocols

NTP – Network Time Protocol

PPP –  Point To Point Protocol

NNTP –  Network News Time Protocol

QOTD – Quote Of The Day

ICMP –   Internet Control Message Protocol

IGMP –  Internet Group Management Protocol

GGP –    Gateway-to-Gateway Protocol

IP-in-IP –  encapsulation

Hello Friend Mene Networking Protocols  ki bare me aap logo jankari di hai,Agar dosto aap logo ko mera Article Pasand Aaye To apne Dosto Ko jarur Share Kare….

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